Chris Meyer: Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger - Pianist

Toronto's opera house


A two-movement symphonic tone-poem inspired by the coast and music of Western Scotland

II - Uncle’s Jig: My father’s was a rural family and when the relations would gather together the fiddles, guitars and assorted instruments would come out. I have a vague recollection from my childhood of my uncle playing a tune he wrote on his fiddle, a tune inspired by the countryside of his home in Quebec. In the second movement of Ceilidh I imagine the townsfolk gathered and a fiddler strikes up a nostalgic waltz. He is gradually joined by the other players of the band and the beat quickly picks up. The waltz transforms into a jig which gathers momentum right to the end as the musicians dare each other to play faster and faster.

Duration:6:30 min.
Instrumentation:picc. / / 3+T hp strings
Composition Date:December 2008

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