Chris Meyer: Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger - Pianist

Union Station, Toronto

Reflection and Resolution

A lush orchestral work with lyrical wind solos.

Reflection was selected in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra open call for scores and was read by the orchestra October 2015. The idea of reflection can take many forms: it can be a literal reflection or inversion, or it can be an introspective looking back. This work builds on both of these aspects of reflection. The melodies that float into the introduction are often presented in duets where the lower voice follows the upper in contrary motion – a literal musical reflection. Underneath the melodies, the harmonic progressions shift inwards and outwards in another kind of musical reflection. As they do, the lower chords clash deliciously with the upper chords. These processes create the musical tension which must be dealt with. Resolution has an important musical meaning: the resolution of dissonant sounds into more pleasing consonance. Resolution is also the end result of this work’s introspection. After reflecting back on the introductory musical material the work resolves itself to move beyond and finish with a majestic, resolute flourish.

Duration: 11:00 min.
Instrumentation: 2222 3200 T+ vibes strings
Composition Date: September 2012

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by the Stratford Symphony Orchestra