Chris Meyer: Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger - Pianist

Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta

Gabrielli's Voice

An overture based on a fragment by Gabrielli for symphony orchestra.

I was listening to an edition of Sound Advice on the CBC one night when I heard the opening of a brass work by one of the renaissance composers Gabrielli. Those opening notes stuck in my mind and I began to wonder how might the composition go were it written today. Gabrielli's Voice is my answer to that question, beginning with that original fragment and running with it. The result is a dynamic and brassy work with a dignified, hymn-like middle section leading to a boisterous 7/8 conclusion.

Duration:9:30 min.
Instrumentation:picc.2.2.2.bcl.2 / / 3+T strings
Composition Date:July 2003

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