Chris Meyer: Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger - Pianist

Hiking near Banff, Alberta

Dusk to Dawn

A Journey Through the Night

Dusk to Dawn is a three movement work that follows a journey through the night. Before the advent of the electric light, the night could be a long and trying ordeal, especially in our northern climes. The first movement Paean at Dusk is a celebration of the closing of the day. It begins with triumphant flourishes and leads into the paean itself, a thanksgiving hymn. The flourish returns, but this time it dissolves into the darkness. The second movement, Vigil at Midnight, is a moment of introspection during the long watch in depths of the night. There is a great sense of anticipation and hope for the coming of a new day. The final movement, Fanfare at Dawn, conjures the dark, early hours of the day where shapes gradually emerge from the gloom and mist. Tendrils of light begin to appear while the sky changes colour. Finally, a fanfare erupts as the disk of the sun pierces the horizon.

Duration:13:00 min.
Instrumentation: / 2hn.2tp T+1 strings
Composition Date: February 2014

Recording: First Movement
Recording: Second Movement
Recording: Third Movement
Performances by the Stratford Symphony Orchestra