Chris Meyer: Composer - Orchestrator - Arranger - Pianist

Ice on my driveway

Farewell to Ireland

A colourful suite of three tradional Irish tunes  for solo violin or flute and orchestra.

"Modern" Version
A lively and evocative folk tune arrangement in the tradition of Vaughan Williams and Malcom Arnold.

Duration:7:40 min
Instrumentation:2222 4331 2+T fl.solo strings
Composition Date: December 2011

Sample recording

"Ancient" Version
If The Cheiftans wrote for symphony orchestra, I think this is what they might sound like. Here a smaller orchestra employs traditional sounding harmonies, rhythms and accompaniments.

Duration:5:30 min
Instrumentation: 2222 4hn 1+T fl.solo strings
Composition Date:December 2009

Extract from score
Sample recording